The Unexpected Lull

There has been a noticeable decrease in my posts to my web sites — even beyond the make-money distractions of writing and art that were already decreasing my posting frequency. This recent absence was wholly unintended, but I have a note from my doctor.

640px-Dead_fish_on_the_beach[1]Actually, I sort of do.  In July of this year, a bit more than three months ago, I got sick — call the ambulance and hie thee to the E.R. sick. After all the expected cliches: IVs, X-rays, EKG, etc., the eventually sent me on my way. That was soon followed by various somatic tests, lots of tests of my Precious Bodily Fluids*, many doctor visits, and….long-story-short: apparently my diagnosis is that I was sick. That’s about as specific as it’s gotten even for the month when I was often struggling for breath like a carp on a beach. Honestly, I’ve had more pleasant pneumonia.

At any rate, I’m better now, though not as good as I was before this whole ride began — I still have one or two days a week when I’m a carp (freshly beached and flopping around a bit, not out in the sun for a while with flops being only an interesting notion…I’m going to stop the fish analogy). I have one or two days a week when I feel fine and actually get stuff done more-or-less as before all this started (I’ve gotten a couple of ‘scripts from the doc that have helped).

I find myself adjusting to a new normal. Perhaps I’ll get better over time. Maybe I’ll hover here for a while. Who knows? That doesn’t mean I can’t resume doing posts. You may have noticed on my art site, especially, that I’ve been putting up some videos. For some topics I find those a lot easier to do than trying to write everything. (Obviously these are done on good days.)

The trick now is to find the right balance. Here on TIB, holiday movie season is nigh, so that means that I’ll once again be posting reviews. If nothing else, there will be that — but I have a long list of things to write about that I accumulated while I was down; don’t expect the reviews to be the only thing that gets posted. Also keep in mind that I still have writing to inflict (I’m in the middle of the latest novel’s 2nd draft) and art to commit because Muses.

So, if you thought you were finally rid of me, prepare to be disappointed. Ha! Hahaha! Mwaha-<cough>. Mwah-<cough>. Mw<cough><cough><wheeze><cough> (Huh…when did I breathe that?) <cough> -haha!

* You’re welcome, Dr. Strangelove fans.

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