Genderless Pronouns – Ey, Em, and Eir

English changes all the time. Our standard pronoun structure has served us well, but it does have weaknesses. It’s time that we fill the gap of not having a non-gendered pronoun. Whether in academic writing, or just because we want to be inclusively generic, ey/em/eir fit the bill easily.


Knowledge and freedom are the bells some desperately try to unring. Fear and hatred and self-importance, it seems, are also bells which have been pealed. The carillon of life depends entirely on which melodies you choose to play.
CJ Carter

→ November 18, 2014

When the time of revolution arrives, the most important question is whether it’s the people who will be revolting or the government.
CJ Carter

→ November 16, 2014

"Northpole" Hallmark Channel

Holiday Watch: Northpole

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Sales Barkering

Carnival barkers have nothing on smug question-pitching salespeople. It doesn’t matter what they are trying to sell or convince me of, they …


A thing produced by humans has two meanings: the original one intended upon its creation, and the evolved one currently held in the public’s opinion.
CJ Carter

→ September 6, 2014

I take great comfort in the fact that the universe is mindbogglingly big and that I will one day die. It helps give me the necessary context to keep from taking the things we do too seriously. Amazingly, given the span of cosmic time scales compared to a human lifetime, and my complete irrelevance when set against the backdrop of the entirety of the universe, I still try to do the things I do the best I can, and try to do better today than I did yesterday. It seems important, somehow…so why not?