Genderless Pronouns – Ey, Em, and Eir

English changes all the time. Our standard pronoun structure has served us well, but it does have weaknesses. It’s time that we fill the gap of not having a non-gendered pronoun. Whether in academic writing, or just because we want to be inclusively generic, ey/em/eir fit the bill easily.

A successful New York businesswoman learns her beloved late Grandmother has left her 'Christmas Land', a magical Christmas themed village in the country side.  Photo: Luke Macfarlane, Nikki Deloach  Credit:  Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer:  Fred Hayes

Holiday Watch: Christmas Land

Too-busy-to-check-her-snailmail executive Jules Cooper discovers that she’s inherited some land from her late, beloved grandmother. And that “some land” is Christmas Land, …


If lead leads lead, it will soon be said that lead led lead although none of the led lead led, only the lead lead led. CJ Carter

→ December 20, 2015