Genderless Pronouns – Ey, Em, and Eir

English changes all the time. Our standard pronoun structure has served us well, but it does have weaknesses. It’s time that we fill the gap of not having a non-gendered pronoun. Whether in academic writing, or just because we want to be inclusively generic, ey/em/eir fit the bill easily.


Knowledge and freedom are the bells some desperately try to unring. Fear and hatred and self-importance, it seems, are also bells which have been pealed. The carillon of life depends entirely on which melodies you choose to play.
CJ Carter

→ November 18, 2014

When the time of revolution arrives, the most important question is whether it’s the people who will be revolting or the government.
CJ Carter

→ November 16, 2014

"Northpole" Hallmark Channel

Holiday Watch: Northpole

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Sales Barkering

Carnival barkers have nothing on smug question-pitching salespeople. It doesn’t matter what they are trying to sell or convince me of, they …


A thing produced by humans has two meanings: the original one intended upon its creation, and the evolved one currently held in the public’s opinion.
CJ Carter

→ September 6, 2014